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When hormones are out of balance, the body suffers. At Brentwood Concierge Medicine, Dr. Raisen performs regenerative and hormonal evaluations in order to help individuals achieve internal balance for optimal health. If you think you are experiencing hormonal imbalance, schedule a consult with Dr. Raisen at her West LA based practice today.

Regenerative and Hormone Evaluations Q&A

by Shera Raisen, MD

What is the purpose of a Hormone Evaluation?

Hormones affect every aspect of a person’s life: energy levels and sleeping habits, proper functioning of the organs, bones, and soft tissues, managing stress, experiencing enjoyable sexuality, and even weight control. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for these hormones to become out of balance. Hormonal and neurotransmitter dysfunction can occur because of dietary influences on hormones, like the effects of sugar or refined flour, endocrine disruptors, xenobiotics, such as foreign chemicals and heavy metals, and chronic stress.

What aspects of Hormonal Balance are most important?

The balance of hormones is vital for health and understanding the factors which can cause disruption and restore that balance is crucial. Of the many hormones produced in the body, four groups are the most important for the treatment of chronic disease: insulin resistance, thyroid dysfunction, stress response and adrenal insufficiency, and sex hormone dysfunction.  Hormones and nutrition are inherently connected. For example, if a person has hypothyroidism he or she doesn’t produce the proper digestive enzymes and may not absorb vital nutrients. On the other hand, if a person doesn’t absorb enough selenium and iodine his or her thyroid cannot manufacture hormones. Diet, exercise, bio-identical hormone therapy, stress management, nutrient support, and herbal therapies are some of the most effective tools the office uses to correct these imbalances.

Why is the order of care important?

The task of conquering over chronic illness is not so difficult if treatment begins with food. Addressing food allergens fixing the damage done to the gut, optimizing nutrient intake, balancing hormones, supporting energy and metabolism, enhancing the body’s detoxification, teaching self-care techniques and nourishing the mind and soul can work to help the body heal itself and return to a natural state of harmony. Even if treatment seems to get stuck, taking a closer look for hidden ailments can work to treat a variety of issues. This treatment is built upon a clear framework for understanding the obstacles which hinder optimal function and the internal conditions necessary for thriving. The office works to promote an understanding of the vital physiologic systems which are at the core of over 12,000 different illness which are truly the side effects of this internal imbalance. Including these lifestyle alterations in the right order will break this cycle of cause and effect and move patients from illness to health.


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