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To improve the quality of life for her patients, Dr. Raisen offers male Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy at her practice, Brentwood Concierge Medicine. Men living in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas can visit Dr. Raisen to undergo this beneficial treatment help them feel their best.

Male Bio-Identical Hormone Evaluations Q & A

by Shera Raisen, MD

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy?

The balancing of a person’s hormones can provide relief from many symptoms, improve their daily quality of life, and prevent diseases and deterioration in the body. The goal of the bio-identical hormone treatments is to address many physical and mental symptoms, including weight gain, fatigue, and depression in addition to preventing many diseases, such as heart disease. The heart is a muscle, and like all other muscles in the body, it responds to testosterone to stay strong. Many research studies have demonstrated that people with low testosterone levels develop heart disease. So, by optimizing a person’s hormones, he can have a better quality of life now (good energy and mood) and prevent future diseases (e.g. heart disease and osteoporosis).

How does the practice use Hormone Therapy?Male Hormone

Andropause is the phase when hormonal changes take place for a man, and it usually occurs between the ages of 40-55. Andropause is also known as male menopause, and during this time, men can experience physical, mental, and emotional changes. At Brentwood Concierge Medicine, Dr. Raisen prescribes bio-identical versions, of hormones for male patients. Bio-identical means that the molecules of the medications look the same as the molecules that a man’s body produces. For men, Dr. Raisen often prescribes DHEA as a pill or in sublingual form and testosterone as a cream or a shot. When Dr. Raisen gives these prescriptions to both men and women, the patients say that their moods are better, their bodies develop more muscle and lose fat, and that they have a better sex life. Dr. Raisen also follows patients closely with questions and lab tests to ensure the right doses of the hormones are used at all times. Following a careful and comprehensive analysis of a patient including physical examination, lab test results, and the patient's chief complaint; the office prescribes tailored medications. The body’s hormones work together like a symphony. Dr. Raisen often prescribes “compounded hormones,” which are made at a compounding pharmacy, versus a large pharmaceutical factory. This method enables Dr. Raisen to prescribe both customized forms and strengths of medications, based on the patient as well as the properties of the hormone.

Once the hormone levels become balanced. You will start to feel to better. Your moods will be balanced. Your energy will increase, your feeling of fatigue will decrease, and your libido will be back to a level you once had. 

Is there anything else Dr. Raisen evaluates?

Dr. Raisen also evaluates a person’s nutritional status, and by asking the patient questions, doing lab tests, and completing a physical examination, she then recommends different nutritional supplements. Again, Dr. Raisen prescribes some compounded nutrients, like a topical magnesium or prescribes B12 shots for a more potent response. If indicated, Dr. Raisen can also recommend more specialized lab tests for a patient; that may involve the collection of their saliva or stool. The results reveal the root causes of a patient’s different symptoms so that the correct treatment can be started.

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