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Concierge Medical Services

At Brentwood Concierge Medicine located in West LA, Dr. Raisen offers Concierge Medical Services to help you and your family feel your best. Los Angeles area residents who become members of Dr. Raisen's Concierge Medical Programs will receive care that is above and beyond what average medical insurance covers and provides. This level of in-depth health assessment and treatment with combined clerical services is for individuals or families interested in a luxury tier of health care.

Concierge Medical Services Q&A

by Shera Raisen, MD

What is Concierge Medicine?

Dr. Raisen offers in-depth, personalized Concierge Packages for Hormonal and Functional Medicine. The concierge package is above and beyond what traditional medical insurance covers. The concierge program provides patients improved and excellent access to the doctor and her staff via same-day office visits, phone, or telemedicine in order to manage their hormone, nutrition, and functional medicine plan. The Telehealth options are especially helpful and operate off of user-friendly platforms which can provide a great way to stay in touch with Dr. Raisen. The appointments are not rushed, and patients can get their needs met. In addition, the staff reviews a typed out treatment plan.

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What types of services are included in the Concierge Packages?

What differentiates Dr. Raisen from current mainstream medical care is that she goes the extra mile in techniques for both medical/health evaluations and therapies. The range of testing includes speciality laboratories (such as Genova Lab) to look deeply into a person’s nutritional and hormonal health.  For the treatment plans, Brentwood Concierge Medicine programs go beyond only using mainstream western pharmaceuticals. The plans may include dietary supplements and compounded hormones, all customized based on the person’s symptoms, goals and lab results.  The goal is to help the patient feel their best in body, mind, and spirit.  

Medical office services may include a blood draw, EKG,  infra-red heat treatment for detox and calorie burning, and assistance in scheduling recommended testing, such as a bone density test.  The practice offers spa-like amenities with bathrobes and slippers available and a relaxing atmosphere. There is also a patient on-line medical-chart portal which is available 24/7 for personal records. There are different options available as well which can be chosen to fit a specific budget. These programs are designed to help patients enjoy optimal health so they can perform their best at work, in relationships, sports, and hobbies, as well as looking their best and enjoying their sexuality.  The concierge plan allows people the time and personal attention to achieve their health goals and address disease prevention.

What will my first appointment be like?

The initial meeting is one and a half hours long with the physician. It consists of a lab interpretation, a physical exam, the collection of a detailed history, and the setting of goals. There will be another hour long appointment during which the frequency and timing for the hormones, supplements, and nutriceuticals to be taken will be discussed as well as any billing questions. If the patient chooses to see the nutritionist, an additional appointment will be made. Appointments can be scheduled over several days or in a 4-hour morning or afternoon visit. When patients leave, they will be given a Patient Journal binder. It contains definitions, references, a copy of the lab results, a list of medications, supplements, and nutriceuticals, fitness recommendations, a nutritional consult and body fat analysis (if chosen), copies of the financial and legal forms, a personal contact phone number list, and email addresses for the CHI providers.  If a patient gives permission, texting options may be available for quick issues.

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