• Free Annual Wellness Visit!

    by Shera Raisen, MD
    on Sep 6th, 2016


Call to see if you or any of your friends and family qualify!

You do not need to be one of Dr. Raisen’s patients to take advantage of this custom individualized wellness plan.

The evaluation can be done in person OR over the phone for your convenience!

What Is the AWV Benefit?

Medicare covers the cost of your annual wellness visit with your provider. These visits are designed to help you and your doctor develop personalized prevention plans, at no cost to you, that take a comprehensive approach to improving your health and preventing disease. This means that you and your provider can work together to develop a proactive strategy that manages health based on your specific health needs. 

The AWV includes the following services 


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Author Shera Raisen, MD Integrative Medicine Physician & Hormone Specialist, Public Speaker

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