• Did You Know That Your Cholesterol Could be Too LOW?

    by Shera Raisen, MD
    on Sep 2nd, 2016

Did You Know That Your Cholesterol Could be Too LOW?

Cholesterol can be too low from different causes.

What Can Low Cholesterol Cause?

In the biochemical chain in the body, the cholesterol molecule is at the top of the steroid molecule. He is the King of the Jungle! Why are steroids in the body? That sounds bad! No, all the sex hormones, like estrogen and testosterone are steroid molecules, as are the "stress" hormone cortisol and DHEA. They are the key to a healthy endocrine (hormone) system in the body. So in order to make all our hormones, we need cholesterol. Low cholesterol can cause hormone deficiencies and a multitude of negative symptoms, like depression and lack of libido.

Also, in observation medical research, a strong link was found between impulsive and aggressive behavior and lower-than-average cholesterol. The link has also shown up in many medical studies between clinical depression and low cholesterol. Why? Animal/monkey studies have demonstrated low cholesterol linked with low serotonin brain activity. Cholesterol levels in the brain are needed for proper serotonin receptor site function.

What Can I do if I have low cholesterol?

First, you can have tests done for malabsorption and treat the underlying causes. Once the malabsorption cause is treated and the other related deficiencies (like vitamin D, B12, zinc, etc), you will feel better! If it’s from a statin drug, then you need to discuss other options with your physician. To test your cholesterol, vitamin levels, and intestinal (gut) function, call the office or book online.


Author Shera Raisen, MD Integrative Medicine Physician & Hormone Specialist, Public Speaker

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